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The 1-2-Writing Creative Writing Blogs - Tips, Techniques, and Inspiration.

Blogs are the new lifeline for the creative writer. Personal stories and insights, a touch of reassurance, and a wealth of information - this is where we present information on everything from formalist poems to freewriting workshops to advice on flash fiction novels. Yes, that's right - the Flash Fiction Novel. It's a new literary creature of the modern age. You can learn how to write this beast (and a great many other wordly beastie things) by visiting our blogs.

Your Blog Here!

How It Works:

Contact Me Here to let me know you're interested. I'll set up a blog for you with the subdomain "yourname@12writing.com," where "yourname" is any name you'd like to use (no foul language, please). I'll assign you full admin privileges so you can customize the look and feel of your blog through Blogger. And, if you already have a blog on Blogspot, you can easily transfer your posts over to the 12writing.com subdomain - Google even tracks the move, so your readers will be redirected.

Why You Want To:

By using one of our subdomains, you'll be fully linked to our site - your blog posts will be included in searches of 1-2-Writing, and we'll have easily accessible links for readers to find you. Plus, being part of a full-fledged domain looks much cooler than the free Blogspot name you have now. And this is also free. So Contact Me today for more information.

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